A Woman Gets Divorced, Gets Depressed, Engages in Hazardous and Excessive Drinking, and Gets Quality Help at an Alcohol Treatment Center

Wendy was the mother of four children. Wendy had been feeling quite fretful lately and started to medicate herself by having three or four wine coolers every night after she tucked her children into bed. After roughly ten weeks of this drinking routine, she at long last understood the fact that rather than helping her ”lighten up” and ”manage” her problems, drinking made her feel less tranquil when she got up in the morning. This, in turn, made her feel even more stressed all through the day.

After thinking about her situation for several weeks, Wendy decided to discuss her drinking problem with her best friend. In point of fact, approximately five minutes into their conversation, Wendy’s friend, Karissa, told her that she knew about an extremely highly qualified and proficient physician at the local alcohol and drug treatment facility. After talking to her friend, Wendy without delay got encouraged to call the rehab center and schedule an appointment.

Eight days later she finally got to meet the doctor her friend had been talking about. After their short-and-to-the-point introduction, Wendy explained to the psychiatrist that ever since her husband and she got divorced, she has been having a difficult time financially, psychologically, and spiritually.

At times, she felt that she was 100% over the divorce. Recently, though, she has been feeling very depressed about the fact that her former husband and she couldnt stay married and “make it”. When asked by the doctor how long her former husband and she went together before they got married, Wendy told the physician that Robert, her ex-husband, and she went out for three-and-a-half years and then lived together for two years before they got married.

As Wendy was talking to the psychiatrist, she underlined the point that she honestly believed that Robert and she waited long enough to know each other well enough before they got married. After the children started to arrive, however, everything appeared to go downhill. To make matters worse, both she and Robert started to drink, and their excessive and hazardous drinking negatively affected their relationship, their love for one another, and their finances.

When things went from bad to worse, Robert hired an attorney and filed for a divorce. Although things were visibly not going well and although she was regularly depressed, Wendy told the physician that she didn’t want their relationship to come to an end. Once she received her divorce papers, however, she knew that their marriage was over.

The doctor told Wendy that the stress, anxiety, and tension that she has been experiencing concerning her irresponsible and careless drinking are some of the usual alcohol abuse effects and that the best solution for this state of affairs is rehab for ones alcohol abuse. In fact, getting alcohol abuse treatment is very important because chronic drinking can get the drinker into even more dangerous alcohol and alcoholism difficulties.

After several treatment sessions with her physician, Wendy was slowly but surely able to understand that the real source of her anxiety and her depression was that she had not worked through her hostile feelings she has for her former husband who had divorced her four years ago. With these insights and with the drugs her doctor prescribed, she eventually quit drinking, she began to feel substantially less depressed, and she started making more time for social activities with her friends and family. A few months after getting counseling from her physician, she even began to date once again.

It was clear that Wendy had come a long way. Indeed, just about seven months after she stopped her rehab, Wendy had finally laid the harmful thoughts of her ex-husband to rest and was starting to feel more self worth and more spiritually sound and psychologically “together” than she had ever felt in her life.