How to Eat Healthy and Set Yourself Up for Success

Have you ever heard the saying, “work smart, not hard?” I am a big believer in this expression for all aspects of life, especially when it comes to how to eat healthy. So many diet plans actually complicate our lives. They involve complex recipes with hard to find ingredients, expensive prepared meals or crazy weight loss algorithms. The best way to eat well and care for your body is through a return to simplicity. A few small habits performed each week will set you up for success.

Eat Foods You Like:

You’re an adult. Your days of making yourself eat that funny look vegetable should be over. Yes, you should explore new foods, especially healthy ones. But if you absolutely can’t stand a food, don’t make yourself eat it. Instead, pack your diet with nutritious foods you enjoy. That way you’ll be looking forward to that colorful salad or low-calorie soup.

Embrace Your Sweet Tooth:

Excessive consumption of sugar will almost always lead to adverse effects. But you don’t have to ban everything sweet from your diet! Enjoy a frozen fruit bar after dinner to curb that craving of sweet and creamy. Snack on strawberries mid-day for some vitamin C and a little sweetness. Choose mini versions of your favorite candy bars over king-sized varieties. These little tasty treats will keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Fight Hunger Before It Strikes:

What usually proceeds a major binge on fatty foods? Some serious hunger. How many of us go all day without eating more than a small breakfast and fall prey to a fast food meal after work? If you let your blood sugar dip, it’s no wonder your body will desire something majorly caloric and fast. Avoid diet pitfalls like this one by being prepared. Always have wheat crackers, sliced fruit, natural yogurt and easy-to-eat vegetables on hand. Snack on these low-calorie foods often to keep yourself satiated between meals. Keeping your hunger at bay makes choosing the healthy way much easier.

Eat Seasonally:

Here’s a tip on how to eat healthy that’s good for you and your wallet. Choose produce available each season instead of eating foods out of the season. Consult this seasonal produce chart for the United States’ regions first. Head to your favorite market and purchase your favorite available items. You’ll enjoy how much more flavorful the fruits and vegetables are in their prime! And your wallet will love a break from purchasing expensive imported fruits and veggies.

Blend Up Some Smoothies:

Smoothies sometimes get a bad reputation for a being a secret diet-buster. That doesn’t have to be the case if you avoid adding sugar and frozen yogurt or ice cream. A combination of fruits, vegetables, ice and maybe a little Greek yogurt is all you need. Sprinkle in natural sugar if you find the blended drink isn’t quite sweet enough for your liking.

Schedule in Indulgences:

What’s your biggest vice that you just can’t give up? For me, it’s those frozen coffee drinks. Most contain plenty of sugar, sometimes ice cream and almost always a little chocolate. They’re no different than a milkshake but somehow the word coffee makes it sounds better. Instead of depriving myself of these drinks, I try to schedule in an indulgence. If I know I’ll have a blended chocolate-y coffee drink on Saturdays, I’m more likely to pass on other high calorie treats during the week. That way I can enjoy my favorite treat guilt free. This little trick makes me feel good and positive about sticking to my healthy eating plan. Just be sure to choose one treat, not six or seven. Otherwise, you will overload on calories!